Website Development

Very few things stir up a debate within organizations better than the company website. To some, the website is a critical aspect of their brand and vital to lead generation and/or sales. Others consider it nothing more than an obligatory aspect of their business (like having business cards) and do the bare minimum to keep it updated.

Unfortunately, the “bare minimum” bar has been raised by Google, and websites that are not properly optimized, lack relevant content, are not updated regularly, not built with responsive design, etc., are actually being penalized (if you're not sure what responsive design is, then open this website on a smartphone, tablet and computer to see the difference).

If you haven’t changed or updated your website in the past 24-months, there’s a good chance (unbeknownst to you) that your business and its online presence is suffering.

Contact me today and let’s discuss your website and how I can help not just redesign it, but make it a vital tool in your acquisition of new sales leads and customers. Call 440.488-4719 or send an email to