Integrated Marketing Strategy

Strategy: noun – a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal.

When I ask a business owner or a marketing team to define their integrated marketing strategy, they usually respond by telling me the goal (increase sales) and jump right to the tactics involved (more email blasts, trade shows, etc). Unfortunately, they often skip over defining a formal “strategy” and just hope that an increase in activity (tactics) will yield an increase in sales.

Increasing your activity could lead to an increase in sales, but a strategy allows you to better focus your activities towards an established goal and make those activities more efficient. In other words, a solid strategy will help you work smarter and not harder.

Not sure what your strategy is or what it should be? Contact me today at 440-488-4719 or send an email to to discuss how my marketing consulting or research services may be what you need to refine your integrated marketing strategy and increase the ROI on your marketing efforts.

Marketing Tactics


Tactics: noun – the procedures use for promoting a desired result 

More emails! More phone calls! New website! Tradeshows! Social Media! More videos! These are typical responses I receive when I ask my clients where they think they should focus their time and resources. In some cases my clients know exactly what they need to do, but in most cases they only understand a small portion of why they need to do it.

The key is to not just increase your marketing activities, but to increase your productivity and ROI. Ward Marketing Consulting can help tie your marketing tactics back to a defined marketing strategy designed to achieve your goals. Not sure what tactics are working or if you should incorporate more? Give me a call today at 440-488-4719 or send an email to and let's discuss your current integrated marketing tactics as well some of the tactical marketing services I provide.

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